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SAMI AutoChopper

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Through hard research and development we have developed a traditional log splitter into a modern automatic splitter. Say goodbye to drawbacks, stoppers, hurry and hard physical work. SAMI Autochopper makes log splitting effortless, safe, and efficient!

The SAMI Autochopper is a robust firewood processor, at the forefront of technology, totally automatic, perfect for a demanding professional use. It’s equipped with 44 cm (17″) chain saw. The beam frame structure gives the machine extra strength. The splitting wedges are made of extremely strong wear-resistant steel. The machine has a wide selection of accessories for a whole line of wood supply, such as automatic feeding tables, a sorter, and conveyors, which enables the machine to work practically all by itself.

When it comes to pricing, the SAMI Autochopper is very competitive, compared to the prices of manually operated machines manufactured for demanding professional use.


Technical Information

Saw's form of use Chainsaw
Saw's blade size(mm) Harvester 440
Method of application Tractor, electric, both
Driving force (S110) 11kW(electric) or 30HP(tractor)
Driving force (S185) 15kW(electric) or 40HP(tractor)
Operating voltage 12V
Min/Max log length 7.9" to 19.7"
Splitting force (S110) 11 t
Splitting force (S185) 18.5 t
Cycle time 4-8s
Splitting wedge 2/4-way
Control system: Microprocessor
Automatic drive
Semi-automatic and manual use with joystick
Uninterrupted nonstop drive
Log feed at feed belt
Feed mat reverse
Automatic log ram and diameter measurement
Automatic blade disconnection
Automatic splitting wedge alignment at every cut
Automatic cut in half of logs less than 4"
Optimization of log ends, 3 alternatives
Hydraulic spool valve for an accessory
Adapter for the sawduct extractor
Fitted tarpaulin
Splitting wedge 6, 8, 12-way
Hydraulic log jack/working and transport position
Cooler for oil
Hydraulic sideways rotation of the discharge conveyor
Hard metal chain
Litter separator at the end of the discharge conveyor

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