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AM Machinery RFR07 / 190 Log Trailer

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Trailer is 7 ton capacity, loader has a 19' reach with a max weight of 2000 lbs at full reach. Also includes a 13 Honda hydraulic power unit with electric start. Weight of the complete unit is 5000 lbs with a gvwr of 16500 lbs. In addition to cutting edge firewood producing technology, Firewood Automation also offers a complete line of trailers. Highway legal DOT trailers that are tough enough for the roughest access. The DOT trailers offer a level of flexibility by size, load requirement, dump, flat, log and even Log Loaders and winches. These flexible units allow you to expand your product offerings and profits. Deliver firewood, custom sawyers can charge extra for pickup and delivery, storm clean-up units, custom hauling of specialty logs the options are endless. And every trailer is built to stand up to the rigors of the forest industry. In addition to our DOT line, the Off-Road trailers we offer in sizes ranging from ATV to more than 10-ton capacities. Options include winches, log loaders to fit your application, PTO, tractor plug-in and gasoline mounted hydraulic drive systems are all available. Let Firewood Automation streamline your hauling needs as well as your firewood production.